Recent Server Failure

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Recent Server Failure

Post by oarie » Fri Jul 09, 2004 11:39 pm

Ladies, Gentlemen, dignified members of the Savage-Central community,

Four days ago we experienced a brief downtime of roughly 5 minutes. This has been the longest downtime this site has experienced in roughly the past 5 months since be began using clustered servers for our web and database servers. The outage was caused by a server failure of one of the web servers in the cluster. There are 5 machines total which make up this cluster, and at the moment, we are running on 4 of those 5 servers.

While there is no eminent danger of further server failure, there is the heightened possibility that our site could go down for an extended time if there was to be another server failure or data corruption on the second web server. The site is run on some pretty hefty hardware but with the traffic that this site generates these machines to still work hard which does increase the chances of data corruption or component failure in the server.

What we need is to purchase a new server to replace the failed machine. The cost of the replacement is $1,250. Hobby Fever has already donated $500 towards the cost of the server leaving us needing another $750 to purchase this new machine.

We must now start a fund raising drive to raise these funds so we can again have the redundant web servers which have allowed us to enjoy such little downtime, and very fast page loads, over the past 5 months. All we ask is for a donation of whatever you can afford from those who use this site regularly and find it informative and helpful. Donations have always been the main source of funds which keep this site online, as well as purchases from the SC Store and advertising funds.

As has been the case in the past, all donations of $5 or more will receive a Savage-Central Decal Sheet but please remember to provide your mailing address so we can send it out to you. Paypal is the preferred method for donations and can be paid to, or by following the Paypal Donation link below or from the sites homepage. Donations can also be made by phone using a credit card. Hobby Fever will be accepting such donations on our behalf at 978-649-2221.

Your generosity is very much needed and, as always, very much appreciated by the entire Savage-Central community.

Thank you.


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