Mid Tank Upgrade Worth It to resolve HTL?

Questions about Hop Ups for the Savage.

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Re: Mid Tank Upgrade Worth It to resolve HTL?

Post by olds97_lss » Thu May 05, 2016 12:21 pm

I know this is an older thread, but I recently ran across a thread elsewhere where the guy lowered the stock tank about 1/2" so when the tank was full, the level of fuel is about even with the carb inlet. This seems to help the HTL issue.

I recently had to remove my old OFNA 125cc tank because it's old, spring is shot and seals are shot, so it leaks badly. I fabbed up some hacked together mounts and mounted my tank similarly. I just put in an LRP30 and am still in the process of breaking it in, so I can't speak yet on how much I notice the HTL issue. I'm only 1000cc's into the break-in, but the last tank I ran seemed pretty consistent from top to bottom. So much so that I ran out of fuel and didn't notice the engine really changing pitch on me. It just stalled, then I realized it was empty.

Should be able to get some more run time in this weekend to finalize break-in and get some actual hard tanks through it.

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