New wheels/tire on my new Flux XS

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New wheels/tire on my new Flux XS

Post by Blaze0303 » Fri Jul 10, 2015 10:45 pm

Out with the old! Stockers just have no bite to them whatsoever.


In with the new! Traxxas 3669A Talon 2.8's, not only do they look great but they have incredible bite. The stock tires got stuck in the grass all the time, had no grip on hard surfaces and were barely okay on dirt. The talons though?! I mean they're incredible, I can wheelie on command at any speed on the street. The increased ground clearance and bite make it so this little truck can drive through grass! I haven't gotten a ton of time on the dirt, but so far they have been 10x better then stock. Maybe not as good as some of the proline tires out there but it's still waaaay better then stock. The only downside is that they can hit the battery box at full lock, all I had to do was back down the steering end points just a touch.

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