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New to Savage XS - general maintenance and upgrade tips??

Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2016 3:20 am
by Fiend
Hi. I'm new to RC, and have started with an Savage XS Flux Raptor. It's a blast albeit a steep learning curve controlling it. So I have a few questions about maintenance and upgrades, but general advice is welcome. I'm doing a mixture of bashing and general driving I guess, on wet tarmac with a bit of grass and dirt too.

1. What is the best way to dry the model out and prevent rusting around pins etc?
(I'm rinsing with a shower, shaking, partly drying with a hair dryer, then spraying on Nitro Cleaner a couple of times)

2. What "outer" (i.e. non-gears) areas should I keep lubricated and with what?
(A local model shop recommended 20 silicone shock oil around the bearings and axle cups so I've been dropping that on)

3. If I'm upgrading the axles and dogbones, which ones should be upgraded just to HD axles, and which ones should be upgraded to full CVDs?

4. Is there any way to make the controller trigger "stiffer" i.e. require a bit more force to pull it?
(I'm thinking of taking apart the controller and replacing the forward throttle spring with a stiffer one. I found changing the trottle trim wasn't helpful)

5. Is there any way to paint / spraypaint new wheels? Do they take polycarbonate sprays?

6. Is it worth upgrading the suspension?? If so should it be softer or stiffer than stock?

7. If I'm upgrading parts in general, which parts is it best to get aluminium for, and which not?
(On the basis that the forces involved in bashing have to go somewhere, and some parts need to flex or inexpensively break to save more crucial areas breaking)

8. Are there any recommended bumpers (or other parts) to cushion landings?

Cheers :)

Re: New to Savage XS - general maintenance and upgrade tips??

Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2016 2:33 am
by Squid
I'll try to answer your questions as asked:

1. I don't clean with water at all. When I do a thorough cleaning, I remove all the electronics and spray the rest down with WD-40, let sit for a few minutes then blow off with my air compressor. Water can get into bearings and cause other steel parts in the driveline to rust.

2. Stay away from thick lubricants on the driveline, they can hold dirt and grit in the joints. The WD-40 cleaning seems to keep things clean and lubed up.

3.Not sure about the upgrades, but if you know of a place to get CVD rebuilds for the XS SS I would appreciate the info, I broke a pin and barrel and HPI doesn't seem to make them any more.

4. I have never tried messing with the springs in the radio, and I have not had a RTR radio in many years, so I am no help there.

5. Not 100% sure, but I don't believe that the wheels are any different than the wheels on other RC vehicles. Most do not take the polycarbonate paint it flakes off. I have dyed wheels in the past, and they have come out well. There is a thread here from years ago I did for dying and several others as well. Unfortunatly the pics are gone as I lost my hosting service and have never made the time to transfer them to photobucket.

6. Upgrading is hit or miss. For bashing in general, you need to find a balance between being stiff enough to not bottom out over the big jumps, but not so stiff as the truck bounces off all the little bumps. I primarily race, and that opens a whole nother can of works for suspension setup.

7. Personally I do not go for much aluminum, and I have not had the time to research any of the aluminum pieces available for the XS.

8. Shock setup is the best way to cushion hard landings, and is a balancing act with handling as I said above.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

Oh and welcome to the site.

Re: New to Savage XS - general maintenance and upgrade tips??

Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2016 2:44 am
by Fiend
Thanks man, that is useful and comprehensive 8)

I've started using WD40 regularly so that should help. I'll stick to that for lubing the drive train too.

I've found one store with diff-to-wheel CVDs in stock....but in the UK, sorry.

Okay I'll stick with stock shocks for now until I have a better idea what I could improve. I do primarily bashing I guess...